Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Why the Definition of Assignment is Important

Definition of Assignment
In definition of assignment section, the instructor is supposed to describe the assignment allocated, with a brief description of the expected objectives to be met in the final paper. The area is usually as detailed or brief as the instructor deems fit. For college students for instance, this section tends to be detailed as the courses are more complicated than high school. However, it is to the instructor’s benefit to include as much detail as possible in the description. This ensures fewer problems faced by the learners, which translates to better answers to the assignment question.
The instructor can also use the definition of assignment section to provide a list of relevant resources necessary for the assignment. For assignments legal type cases the included
journals, URL links, video and audio links and others will all be related to the legal field. The learners are then expected to use the resources to sources content necessary for successful completion of the assignment. This however is at the disposition of the instructor, and most chose to leave it out. It is however necessary, particularly in topics with scant resources, or at the initial stages of the coursework.
The description of assignment usually has a number of sections. These include:
  • The assignment subject. This is the main assignment title. It should be written in a clear, precise language to prevent ambiguity which may attract divergent and irrelevant answers.
  • Form of assignment. There are many types of assignments. Each type has its own features and format. The various examples in colleges include case studies, project reports, critical reviews, essays and other. It is always vital for the instructor to indicate the form the assignment should take. If this is not included in the description of assignment, it is up to the student to clarify the required format to follow. Only with the right format are they able to formulate the assignment’s purpose, target audience, e.g. assignment legal types usually feature legal jargon, tone of writing and the structural format.
  • Format and presentation style. There are various ways to format an assignment. As indicated above, this is mostly dictated by the type of assignment required.
  • Grading criteria. In this section, the instructor indicates the areas that hold weight in terms of marks allocation. Depending on the purpose of the course, marks are allocated differently. Instructors will allocate marks to the assignment structure, content, relevance to the assignment question and grammar.
  • Allocated time. In this part of definition of assignment section, the submission deadline is indicated in terms of the day, month and year. Some instructors will allow a From and Last date for the submission while others indicate a fixed date. This section is very important as it allows the learners to manage their time and progress according to their own schedule.

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