Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How Students Should Deal With Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments
Assignments instigate panic among the students. The panic however makes things worse as it clouds the minds of the students, and overlaps any ability they may possess to perform the homework assignments. The following guide should however make the process easier.
Pay Attention to the Instructions
The instructor always goes through the homework assignment before asking the students to work on it. This is the time to drop everything and pay attention. As the instructor goes through the instructions, listen carefully at the emphasized sections, as these may be the main grading points. Write down the extra information as the instructor reads through the homework and assignment. The things to take note of include;
  • General requirements
  • What the instructor expects from the students
  • Changes to the written instructions
  • Possible approaches
  • Hinted sources of information
This information comes in handy as the student tries to formulate the most ideal approach to take. Lastly, take note of the answers given to any query from the classmates.
Especially for college students, it is common to have a number of homework and assignment tasks in a number of units. With the information at hand, the student is then able to organize the schedule to ensure that all the assignments are covered. A set schedule should be able to cover occurrences such as power blackouts, computer crash and broken down printers.
Through Analysis of the Requirements
The ability to critically analyze the instructions is a very important skill. It enables the student to formulate what is required even before commencing the research. Important steps include;
  • Discussion of the general and specific objectives of the homework assignment with the instructor.
  • Understanding and clarification on any unclear matter.
  • Brushing up on research and study skills. This helps to instill high confidence levels in addition to the actual improvement of the skills.
  • Researching the tools and techniques required to successfully complete the assignment. These include data collection and analyses tools.
  • Defining the major steps required to complete the assignment. This is made easier by breaking the assignment into smaller sections.
  • Assess the time required to complete the homework assignment in line with the submission date. This is especially useful for students with similar homework and assignment tasks in other units. Tools such as the Gantt chart will make this step very easy. It allows the student to fill out a timeline on the commencement and completion of major sections of the assignment.

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