Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Understanding what is an Assignment

What Is Assignment?
There are various types of homework assignments given to students. While the classification continues to be more complicated as one approaches college, there are basically four types of what is assignment available.  Each homework and assignment type is grouped according to the objectives it is to meet as well as characteristics. Check out sample custom papers here! The four categories are;
  • Practice assignment. This is the most common type of homework assignment. It is designed to allow the student additional time and opportunity to apply what was learnt in class in the course of the day. For example, if the student leant a whole series of additional problems during class, the allocated assignment definition for kids will feature more additional problems. This category also covers common repetitive work like spellings, grammar and learning the multiplication tables.The objective of this type of what is assignment is to enable the student to master the fundamentals of the subject, like spelling in grammar, multiplication tables in mathematics etc. When correctly assigned; it is a very successful method of reinforcing the day class work.
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  • Preparation assignment. This type is more common in the upper classes including high school and college than assignment definition for kids in the lower classes. It involves lots of reading, research and general absorption of vital points. The objective of this type of homework assignment is to lay a foundation for lessons to come.
  • Preparation homework and assignment equips the students with a general idea of what the future lessons cover.
  • What is assignment extension homework? Though similar to practice assignments, extension homework go an extra mile and seek more from the student in terms of deeper understanding of the class work. Instead of reproduction, common in practice assignments, extensions seek exploration of new ideas on what was taught in class.
  • Creative assignment. This category takes longer than the other types. It may require days or weeks to complete. Its main objective is to cultivate creativity in the students by presenting an idea then allowing them to interpret, build on it and compile the result in a well formatted final copy. Examples of assignments that fall under this category include book reports, project proposals and term papers. They form a larger percentage of the total subject marks than the other assignment definition for kids categories.
With the results highly individualized, the teacher should be at hand always to assist the students in the course of doing what is assignment. If the students are not skilled at writing in the requested format, the instructor should break up the assignment into smaller pieces. The student should then bring the completed sections for scrutiny before proceeding to the next stage. This teaches the students to follow the right order as well as time management skills.

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