Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Importance of Homework and Assignment

Assignments are given to gauge the student’s capability to express and apply learnt knowledge. Though it may seem that the instructor is merely asking the student to answer a couple of questions, there lays deeper reasons for homework and assignment allocation. The instructor may be seeking to gauge;
  • The student’s application of critical skills,
  • Ability to compile information and data from different locations
  • Ability to present a flowing, conceptual piece that solves problems or explains an idea.
  •  Constructive expression of voice and opinion on an intellectual topic.
Whichever the reason, there are two major factors to consider as a student when faced with an assignment definition 2012 task to complete.
Different instructors have their own different ways of communicating the assignment requirements and purpose. Some will provide a detailed explanation, even including the marks allocation sheet. Others provide a shallow assignment definition 2012 explanation, while some will just leave the whole unraveling to the students. The students should endeavor to grasp any hints provided by the instructor during the initial explanation. These may come in handy during the actual homework and assignment research and compiling. With the intended purpose of the assignment fairly clear, it is then very easy to determine the next steps to take.

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In assignments, especially college types, the audience remains a key component to consider when formulating homework and assignment tasks. Most students will automatically allocate the instructor as the audience, since they are marking the paper anyway. While this may hold true in some assignment definition 2012 instances, once in a while, the instructor may allocate a different audience for the students to target with the response. Examples of this include an imaginary board of companies as the audience for a business report, or a panel of health experts in medicine field assignments. Every audience calls for a different format of writing altogether. With change in the audience, decisions must be made on the changes to make in some assignment elements. These include;
  • Word choice
  • Sentence and assignment structure
  • Word tones
  • terminology
Once alerted on the target group, the factors to consider include;
  • Audience background
  • Present existing information and data
  • Specific needs and requirement
  • Present trends
  • Outstanding concerns of the audience.
How the student decides to approach the paper also determines the assignment definition 2012 basic structure. The assignment structure is the construction and flow of ideas in the final paper. Common patterns include;
  • Hypothesis and relevance
  • Query and response
  • Cause and consequence
  • Thesis and support
  • Dilemma and solution
These patterns are usually used independently or in conjunction with each other. By reviewing the initial homework and assignment title, the student can be certain of the approach to use.

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